PDC – Dry Air Coolers

Flat Bed or V-Segment

Petra’s Dry Air Coolers are available as either flat-bed or V-segment units and offer outstanding energy and money-saving possibilities.

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Petra - Explosion Hazardous Location Unit
The PDC range of Dry Air Coolers features an efficient heat exchanger coil design with copper tubes and aluminium fins

      • Fully leak tested coils to 30bar
      • High efficiency energy fans to meet EcoDesign requirements
      • Capacity ranges – 50kW ~ 1.3MW*
      • High ambient temperature fans – suitable for ambients up to 50°C

      *subject to temperature conditions of water and ambient air

      Optional features:

      • Alternative coils sized to suit application
      • EC fans available for even greater efficiencies
      • Options for hazardous/coastal applications
      • Polyurethane pre-coated coils or copper fins
      • Control panel options to suit requirements
      • Stepped or variable speed fan control to monitor or control water temperature
      • Optional mains isolators per motor

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