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The respected HVAC industry journal, ACR News dedicated its ‘Company Profile’ section to Petra in April 2020.  You can see the feature in the magazine by clicking here, or read the article in full below.

Founded in 1987 with a vision to meet the diverse needs of the worldwide HVAC market, Petra Engineering Industries is today a market leader in the design and manufacture of  sophisticated high quality commercial and industrial HVAC equipment, distributing its products to more than 50 countries worldwide.

The company first entered the UK market at the beginning of the millenium, laying solid foundations by delivering products and services for some 60 projects – most of which are still up and running.  However, business in the Americas called and Petra chose not to pursue its European markets at that time, concentrating instead on developing its production facilities and penetrating the Americn market very successfully.  Following various phases of expansion since then, Petra launched its British subsidiary in 2017.  The headquarters are located in Reading, Berkshire, perfectly positioned to meet the requirements of the UK market.

Petra offers a broad spectrum of standard products in the field of air conditioning and refrigeration.  Tailored products, bespoke plants and engineering solutions form essential parts of the overall business of Petra.

Petra Engineering Industries’ headquarters are situated just outside Amman in Jordan, with more than 300,000m² of production facilities on site.  The company is rapidly growing and has just completed an expansion program with 200,000m² production facility in Mafraq in northern Jordan and a 45,000m² facility at the King Abdullah Economic City in Saudi Arabia – and there are more plans to continue with this course of expansion.  These sites include comprehensive research and development facilities and Petra was recently accredited by AHRI for its professional thermal laboratory.

Certified test stands and modern laboratories are a sound basis for the development, testing, qualification and certification of advanced products.  The company’s mission is to offer engineering solutions to customers with emphasis on efficiency, ultra-low noise emissions, and high standards of air quality using advanced technologies.

Leadership and agility coupled with innovative design and engineering capabilities have given Petra the competitive edge to bring to market high quality HVAC equipment around the globe.  Omar Ali is the Director of Operations for Petra Engineering Industries in Jordan and the newly founded UK subsidiary is under the direction of Martin Altenbokum, Business Development Director for Europe.  Dr Altenbokum has recently appointed Sales Manager Anne Melling, located in Yorkshire, and Technical Sales Manager Karl Kilford, based in Reading.

“We are a small team just at the moment, but we expect to grow to cope with increasing market demands and challenging requirements raised by customers,” Martin Altenbokum told ACR News.  “The work we have undertaken in the UK since 2017 has set the scene to establish Petra as a new and dynamic force in both the UK and European markets.  It has been a challenging period, but we are making positive progress and new products such as our new R290 packaged unit will be pivotal to our progress.”

“Low GWP refrigerants including natural refrigerants will be reflected in our product range and help to expand the company’s presence in European markets with products reflecting recent requirements imposed on the HVAC industry to protect our environment and building upon the growth of Petra in the US market.”

Throughout the Middle East and Asia, Petra is associated with some of the most prestigious projects.  The company’s vision is driving continuous investment in research and development, product design as well as continuously improved manufacturing processes.  Its attention to detail and quality is synonymous with the longevity of its products in service, sometimes under the most arduous conditions in offshore applications.The company is not unfamiliar with international recognition.  Recently its project team led by Samir Hamed Alfetiany was recognised at an ASHRAE  UNEP event held in Rome for their work on packaged chillers with integrated air handling units using HFC 32 and R290 implemented in projects in Saudi Arabia.  The main goal for this project was to develop , design, manufacture and test a new large capacity packaged air conditioning unit with cooling capacities up to 100kW.  Mr Ali describes the success of this project as a reflection of the innovation and commitment Petra has to developing solutions for challenging environments.

The mission for the UK team is to work closely with specialist design and mechanical contractors and end-users whilst establishing its credentials within the M&E consultancy sector.  Petra takes very seriously the importance of customers visiting its manufacturing facilities and regularly receives visitors from all over the world – recently this included President Elect of the Institute of Refrigeration, Mike Creamer.

The manufacturing environment includes the company’s own coil manufacturing plant, state of art wiring loom manufacture, paint line, sheet metal press work and fabrication.

The company’s philosophy is to continue to pursue innovation, sustained commitment to outstanding quality, investments in human capital and working closely with its customers.


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