Petra Supports ‘World Refrigeration Day’

Petra is a proud sponsor of World Refrigeration Day which is held annually on June 26th.

Refrigeration, air conditioning and  heat pumps have a vital role in modern life helping to promote health, comfort, environmental sustainability and economic prosperity.  June 26th is an opportunity for those within and outside the RACHP industry to come together to learn, share knowledge, build connections and find opportunities to collaborate to improve modern life


World Refrigeration Day is held on the 26th June every year in recognition of  William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin, (26 June 1824 – 17 December 1907), a British mathematical physicist and engineer.  Whilst at the University of Glasgow he did important work in the mathematical analysis of electricity and formulation of the first and second laws of thermodynamics, and did much to unify the emerging discipline of physics in its modern form.

Absolute temperatures are stated in units of kelvin in his honour.  While the existence of a lower limit to temperature (absolute zero) was known prior to his work, Kelvin is known for determining its correct value as approximately −273.15°C.

World Refrigeration Day

World Refrigeration Day is an international awareness campaign to raise the profile of the refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump sector and focuses attention on the significant role that the industry and its technology play in modern life and society. It draws attention to wonderful engineering and science that is all around us every day.

World Refrigeration Day gives us the opportunity to raise awareness and understanding of the significant role that the refrigeration and air conditioning industry, and the associated science and technology play in modern life and society in a safe and responsible manner that is fully compliant with local regulations and aligned to all safety measures.

For more information, please see the World Refrigeration Day website at


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