Plaza de Castilla, Spain

 Petra’s ESC (Energy Saving Conservation) system was deployed at this busy  Metro Station in Madrid to provide energy efficient heating and cooling

  • Date: August 2018
  • Project Type: Installation of ESC system

About this Project

Petra’s Water Source Package (PWSP) is the indoor unit in the ESC system. It is a self- contained reverse cycle unit that supplies either cold or warm air to the application space with highly efficient performance using an internal room thermostat (controller). 

For this application the PWSP indoor unit was paired with a Dry Air Cooler and delivered 65kW of cooling/heating capacity.

    Petra chiller installation - Stirling House, Swindon
    Petra Dry Air Cooler

    Petra Dry Cooler (PDC) unit is the outdoor part of the ESC system which is designed to work under all normal conditions

    Its low noise feature makes it suitable for all applications. Different capacities are available to match the PWSP series and one dry cooler or more is used for multi water source units in one building


    If you would like more details of our ESC system, please contact us here

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