Royal Can Making Co, Sulaimanyah

We were approached by our client, a UK based company specialising in machinery for the canmaking industry, to collaborate on a project that required process cooling at temperatures that are outside of the normal operating envelope of chillers.

  • Date: June 2018
  • Client: Specialist Contractor, UK
  • Project Type: Industrial, Air Cooled Chillers

About this Project

To meet the challenge of this installation our recommendation was to supply two APS 200 Air Cooled chillers, each with a rated capacity of 455kW.  The chillers operate in tandem with a plate heat exchanger and pump set, all skid mounted by our engineers at our factory and commissioned by a team from Amman.

This solution resulted in the required ΔT of 10°C and it continues to deliver energy efficient cooling under all conditions.


    Royal Can Co., 2no. APS 175
    Petra Installation - Royal Can Co., Sulaimanyah

    The geographic location of this installation was no barrier for Petra as many of our units operate in regions that experience extreme ambient conditions.

    As well as the pump set and heat exchanger that is shared between the run and standby chillers, we also supplied a Petra Plant Manager (controller) to complete the installation.

    The units continue to give a reliable and efficient service to the production facility which was the first dedicated beverage ends line in Iraq.


    The new APS chillers were installed at the same facility as a further five chillers that were installed at an earlier date and this is an indication of the reliability and efficiency of the Petra chillers already on site.


    Petra Installation - Royal Can Co, Sulaimanyah

    If you would like more details of our bespoke manufacturing service, including APS chillers with flexible operating temperatures, please contact us here

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