Stirling House, Swindon

The original Petra Air Cooled chiller was installed in 1999, but almost twenty years later improved energy efficiencies meant that a new chiller was a good investment

  • Date: August 2018
  • Client: Mechanical Contractor, Midlands
  • Project Type: Replace existing chiller

About this Project

As a result of the outstanding performance of the chiller that was supplied by Petra back in 1999, we were asked by the landlord of Stirling House in Swindon to replace the existing unit with a new one that offered greater energy efficiency, and at the same time gave the same promise for many years of trouble-free operation.

The original unit was successfully decommissioned and replaced with a Petra APX 65-2 with reciprocating compressor, replicating the unit being replaced.


    Petra chiller installation - Stirling House, Swindon
    Stirling House, Swindon - APX 65-2

    As this chiller was intended to replace an existing unit on site, it was important to the client that, as far as possible, the new unit would fit within the same footprint and on the existing steelwork, and have the same connection sizes and positions for both the chilled water pipework and the power/controls box.

    The factory was able to build the chiller in such a way as to accommodate these requirements and the new chiller was offered with a 3 year warranty.

    Following commissioning by our engineer from the Amman factory, the APX 65-2 replacement project was successfully completed.

    If you would like more details of our bespoke manufacturing service, including APX chillers with reciprocating compressors, please contact us here

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