Tesla,          California

Petra supplied a total capacity of 2,815kW of Ultra High Efficiency Rooftop Units to Tesla’s facility in the east San Francisco Bay area

  • Date: August 2018
  • Project Type: Supply High Efficiency Package Units

About this Project

Located in the Bayside Industrial Community Plan Area of Fremont, California, Petra successfully supplied super high efficiency custom designed large rooftop units to Tesla’s Kato Facility – an industrial warehouse building, automotive showroom, service center and service training center.

The units provided were equipped with high efficiency, variable speed compressors for enhanced operation and performance, integrated with variable air volume unit design, and complete with air economizer control and building management system communications.


    Petra Package Unit installation - Tesla, California
    Petra Package Unit - Tesla, California

    Petra’s Rooftop Package Units are all custom-built with scroll compressors and refrigerant options. The units are factory assembled, tested and shipped fully charged, complete with compressor, evaporator and condenser coils, fans and controls.

    These packages are designed for outdoor installation, and are used for cooling only or cooling and heat pump application (optional). PPH units are ideal for residential, commercial and industrial applications and are available from 12 kW to 645 kW (depending on refrigerant). 

    Petra’s PPH series is designed for flexible capacity applications and easy installation and maintenance. PPH units are compact in design and are supplied in a complete package ready for operation, with no extra controls or additional items for installation. The PPH units have a single power point entry with simple connections

    If you would like more details of our bespoke manufacturing service, including PPH Package Units, please contact us here

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